3 All Natural Diet Tips to Control Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain

3 All Natural Diet Tips to Control Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain

An under active thyroid condition can be helped by adding a few supplements to your diet and then tweaking it a little bit so that you can get your metabolism back up to where it should be. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism and weight gain, you can benefit from knowing the following 7 all natural diet tips to control your condition, seed up your metabolism and put the brakes on weight gain.

All Natural Diet Tip #1: Start Adding Natural Vitamin and Mineral Supplements to Your Daily Diet

Avoid the synthetic vitamins and minerals as these will not give you all that a natural vitamin and mineral supplement will. There are certain co-factors that are missing in the synthetic supplements. Of course you can purchase natural supplements from the health food stores or from health sites on the internet, but you should also make sure that you are including foods in your daily diet that support your thyroid. These foods include plant based green foods. Adding natural supplements that include zinc, manganese and selenium is required to help heal and maintain thyroid health.

As far as natural vitamins go, Vitamin A, B vitamins, C and E are the most beneficial to the thyroid gland. If you are hypothyroid, it is most difficult for you to convert beta-carotene into vitamin A. For this reason, you should take a really good supplement of Vitamin A but should avoid synthetic Vitamin A supplements. The natural Vitamins may be a little pricier but to get your metabolism back on track and help your thyroid gland, these are the only ones you should use.

All Natural Diet Tip #2: Remove Iodine Blockers from your Daily Diet

Certain foods will block the absorption of iodine. These are foods that include raw cruciferous vegetables like, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, turnips and kale. These vegetables should not be eaten raw but can be eaten cooked if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Other iodine blockers are peanuts and soy products. Soy products are the worst offenders when it comes to blocking the absorption of iodine in the body.

Read your labels when you buy groceries and avoid the foods that include soy products like soy oil, soy protein products, soy protein isolate and soy flours are a few too watch out for. Soy may be good for some people but if you are hypothyroid, it should be avoided. Soy products interfere with thyroid functions.

All Natural Diet Tip #3: Remove Refined Foods and Vegetable Oils from your Diet

If you have hypothyroidism, remove refined sugars and grains from your daily diet. They can put way too much stress on your thyroid. Especially remove soy oil and corn oil. Stick with natural oils like olive oil, peanut oil or safflower oil. These are more expensive oils but good thyroid health is worth the expense. Again, check out labels when shopping for food and avoid foods that contain soy or corn oil.

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