Desiccated Thyroid – What Makes it Superior?


If you ever had problems with thyroid, you would know about desiccated thyroid – a natural medicine which is capable of balancing the hormone secretion in your body. It is a natural replacement of the synthetic drugs that stimulated the secretion of thyroxin from the thyroid gland in humans. It is prepared from the desiccated thyroid from the glands of pigs and goats. This has been re-engineered to meet the needs of humans and not for even once is dangerous. No wonder, the medicine has been approved by the FDA and is a popular prescription drug.

People are obese but there are people who are exceptionally thin also – not because of their choice, but a defect since birth or developed later. It is known as hypothyroidism. Many doctors though prefer use of synthetic drugs for treating the same. But as all synthetic things, these drugs also have their side effects. Most importantly, they do not heal the patient for life. Desiccated thyroid on the other hand is the best substitute available to treat hypothyroidism.


It is often referred to as natural thyroid or natural thyroid hormone. It has a therapeutic use rather than simply as a medicine and is prepared from the discharged and powdered thyroid parts of a bovine and / or a pig. This medicine has its origin as early as the 1800s. Although people associate filth with the product, due to the inclusion of pigs' parts, it is nothing to worry about as the tissues and the fat is removed from the thyroid gland of the animals prior to its processing and drying. The iodine content in the final product varies between 0.17% and 0.23%.

Controversy Surrounding Product

Since it is an animal product, vegetarians returned it out rightly. Thus a vehement opposition was created against the natural medicine. Also religious groups protest against the use of an animal part to treat humans. Especially the very fact that a part of the desiccated thyroid was prepared from the pig's thyroid, created a group that was totally against its use. Although it is prescribed only by some doctors, the fact remains that natural thyroid does not have any side effects like its artificial counterparts where common side effects include – headache, nausea, fatigue and depression.

The 2 important claims made by the medical fraternity about the prescription thyroid extract:

It is better than thyroxin because of the presence of both the T3 and T4 hormones and moreover, it is made from a healthy thyroid gland.

Other constituents other than the T3 and T4 include unmeasured quantities of T1, T2, calcitonin and protein related hormones.

There has been constant war raging on between the followers and non-believers of the medicine. Whatever is the outcome, the public is to benefit. Right now, the natural desiccated thyroid extract wins hands down!


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