Grave's disease can mimic ADHD symptoms

Grave's disease can mimic ADHD symptoms
But Graves' disease, a condition where the thyroid works overtime, can easily be overlooked in kids and teens. Alissa's parents … Doctors say weight loss, elevated heart rate and skin that is moist to the touch are symptoms of Graves' disease. While …

Specific Medications for Weight Loss
Orlistat is a medication that reduces the absorption of fats from food that is ingested. It should be taken with each meal. Orlistat is the only medication for weight loss available over the counter (in a lower dose than the prescription medication …
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Cutting calories may mean a better old age
The participants in the calorie-restriction group were given a target of 15.5 percent weight loss in the first year, the researchers said. To do that, the study volunteers would need to reduce their calorie intake by 25 percent. They were asked to keep …
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