How this girl reversed thyroid disease will inspire you!

How this girl reversed thyroid disease will inspire you!
Here's a fascinating and inspiring story of a pretty girl on how she battled hypothyroidism and reversed it. Kathryn is a former ballerina dancer who suffered the side effects of thyroid disease like weight gain and chronic fatigue. She tells us how …
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Decade in review—paediatric endocrinology: New genes, new therapies
Whether the increased incidence of obesity, in both adults and children, is entirely due to lifestyle or if a genetic element also predisposes an individual to increased weight gain has been an ongoing debate. However, in … Other mutations have also …

Pet Vet: Hypothyroidism
As time goes by, you may notice your dog getting a little less active, and gaining weight for no reason. Could there be an underlying problem for your beloved dog? Our Pet Vet Dr. David Visser joined Tricia Harte on 16 Saturday Morning to tell us about …
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