Is your thyroid function optimal?

Is your thyroid function optimal?
Some of the symptoms of inadequate conversion of T4 to T3 are: depression, weight gain, constipation, headaches, brittle nails, rough and dry skin, menstrual irregularities, fluid retention, poor circulation, diffuse hair loss, slow speech, anxiety or …
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Are Personalized Wellness Retreats Worth the Hefty Price Tag?
If that weren't enough, I also have markers that indicate elevated risk for hypothyroidism, immune depression, kidney strain, gall bladder problems, and something called “nervous irritability.” … So while I'm skeptical about the testing—and about …
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The Cardiovascular System: Regulating Heart Rate
This is called a bradyarrhythmia and in the absence of medication or hypothyroidism, is usually due to either a defect in sinus node function (sick sinus syndrome)or a problem with conduction (atrioventricular heart block). The commonest causes for …
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Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 28th August 2015
When the body's systems are so revved up by the over-active thyroid, the pressure of blood in the arteries in the head can sound like a regular beat. I have a relative ….. It happens for much of the time, even when I do not otherwise feel anxiety …

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