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Charlotte Watts reveals 10 ways your lifestyle is making you FAT
Weight loss – it's a seemingly uphill battle, a niggling thought at the back of your mind. Joy of any pounds shed is often often replaced by despair as the pounds creep back on. But losing weight isn't just about what your eating versus your activity …
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Asexuality Is Real: How A Rare Orientation Helps Us Understand Human Sexuality
While a decrease in sexual desire can signal physiological (hypothyroidism, for example) or psychological (depression, anxiety) conditions, is low or absent sexual desire necessarily a disorder? …. Asexuals necessarily address and explore some really …
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MDMA (Ecstasy): Facts, Effects and Hazards
It gives the user feelings of euphoria, increased energy, intimacy, and sensitivity to touch. Ecstasy is usually taken with other illegal drugs. Pills sold on the street like MDMA often contain additives, which can contribute to serious health effects …
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