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7 Things You Might Not Think Are Fat Shaming That Definitely Are
… than a little effed up. Acceptance towards others shouldn't have anything to do with whether they're fat because of their thyroid. Fat acceptance has to happen with no exceptions, period. … Even if you're accepting of and positive about your …
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5 tips to lose weight after 40
Thyroid is a very common problem for people over 40 and it is more common in case of women. Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid is the main reason behind unsuccessful weight loss efforts of many women over 40. If you're seeing any of the symptoms, …
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Hollywood Divas' Countess Vaughn Drops 3 Sizes Through Liposuction and Portion
Vaughn said the weight came off slowly even after surgery, in part due to an issue with her thyroid. To really drop the lbs., the mom-of-two … Vaughn says the best part of her weight loss transformation is "just being happy. I feel better and I feel …
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