Lithium Linked to Thyroid Dysfunction, but Only in Women

Lithium Linked to Thyroid Dysfunction, but Only in Women
VIENNA — Almost 1 in 6 women with bipolar disorder (BPD) develop hypothyroidism while being treated with lithium, new research shows. There was no significant correlation with the duration of the illness or with age. Male patients did not show signs …
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Sedentary behavior 'could increase the risk of anxiety'
"Anecdotally – we are seeing an increase in anxiety symptoms in our modern society, which seems to parallel the increase in sedentary behavior," says lead researcher Megan Teychenne. "Thus, we were interested to see whether these two factors were in …
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What Is Hyperthyroidism?
The thyroid plays a major role in assisting cells and regulating metabolism in the body for energy. It does this by secreting thyroid hormones that maintain proper functioning of the body. Sometimes the thyroid gland becomes overactive and may release …
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