Sexy Swimwear Bikinis Review

Sexy Swimwear Bikinis Review

The perfect swimsuit, one which exudes style and comfort, is always a must for a day at the beach. Whether you are taking a break from the chilly winter weather and heading to a tropical location or getting an early start on your swimsuit shopping for the upcoming summer, it is important to find the swimsuit that best works for one’s style and body. During pregnancy swimming is a great form of exercise, so finding that perfect maternity swimsuit is equally as important. There are a multitude of styles available so choose the one that works best for one’s personal taste and lifestyle.

This year, even more so than in the past, maternity bikinis have been incredibly popular. They are a good option as they allow plenty of room for one’s baby bump to grow. Stars such as Alanis Morisette and Alicia Keys have been spotted rocking cute and sexy maternity bikinis, and if one does not mind showing a bit of skin they are a great choice. One stylish option is the Dot Bikini from renowned maternity designer Prego, available in either black or brown. This adorable swimsuit has an adjustable padded halter top which allows it to be fit perfectly to your body. The rectangular plastic centerpiece adds style while the dainty polka dot design is eye catching. If one likes the idea of a bikini but want to keeps one’s lower half a bit more covered, Prego’s Maternity Kona Skirted Bikini is a great option. The bottoms have a short skirt added on, providing extra coverage over the thighs. A beautiful turquoise and brown tropical design is truly a standout and the plastic centerpiece at the bust creates a great neckline. There are many great maternity bikini options to choose from, all with their own unique touches.

If a bikini bares a bit too much skin for one’s personal style, a tankini is another ever popular option. Maintaining the same two-piece design, a tankini simply provides coverage over the stomach and back. The separate bikini bottoms are worn beneath one’s baby bump which allows them to fit throughout one’s pregnancy. There are a plethora of maternity tankinis available, each one designed slightly differently. One of the top sellers this season is the Jenni Tankini by ever fashionable designer Maternal America. This maternity tankini combines a bright and fiery fabric with the practicality of an adjustable halter top and side-tie bikini bottoms. Whether at the beach or pool, one is sure to be the envy of many in this gorgeous swimsuit! If one is nursing, or wishes to buy a suit designed for both maternity and post-partum, the Nursing Swimwear Tankini from Belabumbum is a fabulous option. Designed with easy nursing access under the empire waist tie, this swimsuit is very versatile. Available in hot pink or classic black, its practicality and style is sure to serve you well throughout pregnancy and beyond. With such a variety of tankinis to choose from, one is sure to find the perfect maternity swimsuit.

Bikinis or tankinis, there are many maternity swimwear options available for the expectant mother. Keep fit, have your personal style, and be practicality in mind and one is sure to find a great option for that winter vacation or summer day by the pool!

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