Sofía Vergara's Life Before 'Modern Family' Was Very Different

Sofía Vergara's Life Before 'Modern Family' Was Very Different
Vergara made her debut in the entertainment industry in her native Colombia with a sexy Pepsi commercial at the age of 17. From swimsuit …. Since then, Vergara was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and takes medication to keep it under control. Today …
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Size 22 Supermodel Tess Holliday Debuts Most Jaw-Dropping Shoot Yet (PHOTOS)
Ever think maybe she has hypothyroidism and maybe the models that are a 00 have hyperthyroidism? There are medical conditions that can cause a person to be very large or very small. I have hyperthyroidism. I can't gain wait. People are so rude always …
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Vahbiz Dorabzee Workout: Trainer Mansoor Syed transforms Vahbiz into hot and
And one fine day, I got to know about my Hypothyroid problem. It was detected very late and because of that I went on putting weight. Without delaying it more, I started the medication. Along with it, I also started gymming which helped me a lot in …
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I Was Addicted to Sexting
"I don't send sexy pictures. I mean, that's like a virtual hickey," began *Stephanie, the most logical of my college friends. "Someone has marked their territory on you. They own your image." It was sound advice. I probably should have followed it.
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