The Truth to Why You Have Graves Disease and How You Can Finally Cure it Naturally


Graves disease is a thyroid disorder that is characterized by a goiter and a condition called hyperthyroidism, where the thyroid becomes overactive and produces too much thyroid hormone.

This condition usually results in symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, heart palpitations and increased appetite among other things. Doctors’ have been unable to diagnose why people get this condition but have tried to diminish the symptoms by prescribing medications such as Tapazole and PTU. These medication have been known to mask the symptoms by shutting down the thyroid. Other methods to end the symptoms of graves disease are radioactive iodine or surgery.

These things are basically a quick solution to ending symptoms but does not address why people have hyperthyroidism or Graves Disease. Your thyroid is a very important organ that is the control center for your bodies hormone balance. If its destroyed or cut out your body’s metabolism will not function properly, neither will your pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, your bodies thermostat will not function correctly to regulate the bodies temperature.

You should not have it killed off or cut out without knowing why it is acting up. Illness and disease are signs of something deeper is going on in the body that needs to be addresses. How can a doctor figure out the deeper problem when they are trained to treat symptoms.

It’s your body and these issues are usually caused by something you have been doing. Diseases do not just happen. It takes years of abuse of nutrition and acid build up from poor elimination. Diseases are nothing more than symptoms of unbalance.

The human body is in perfect health when the body is in an alkaline state which is a ph level 7.36. According to American microbiologist and nutrition Dr. Robert O.Young, Ph.d The ph level is low due to an accumulation of waste matter in the system.

Toxins accumulate in the body creating an acidic environment. Eating acid forming foods will clog up your system resulting in long term health problems. Your body gives you warnings to let you know when your body is out of balance. Graves is a symptom of something deeper.

Dr. Young found when the body has a healthy alkaline balance, germs, toxins, bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and molds aren’t able to invade our bodies. Your blood is your lifeline, it brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It must have a ph level of 7.36 in order to continue doing its job at peak levels.

A healthy body can fight off toxins and and poisons, keeping them from settling in and causing health problems. Studies have shown that when the body has a high acidic level, these acids settle in the weakest parts of the body because they are already deteriorating and will be unable to get rid of the toxins.

This gives these toxins an opportunity to create health problems. In order for you to balance your body and get your health back you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

Eliminate stress, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, sugar, tobacco, meats, diary products, processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs. These things create an acidic environment in the body.

To have optimum health that can reverse diseases like Graves disease there are five vital things that need to be done to remove acids from the body besides changing your diet. Once you do these things you will be free of Graves disease and any other ailments you may have.


Source by Michelle Carpenter

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