Thongs Make You Sexy

Thongs Make You Sexy
April has come and summer is near then. In order to show your hot figure in the sunny beaches, you are clever enough to start choosing proper summer outfit from now on. You may have noticed that new series of products are showing in many sexy lingerie shops, and it’s the right time for you to pick the most fashion style you are dreaming of. Long time ago, thongs were just made for few people, but now, thongs are becoming a hot focus for more and more people. However, not everyone gets enough knowledge on thongs.
Before going out for shopping, I am here to share some tips.
Thongs have won the fashion men and women’s hearts. But do you know how to pick the right thongs according to your complexion? Some think black thongs is the best choice to be sexy, but I do not agree with them. Instead, your complexion should be taken into account. If your skin is fair, then the romantic pink would be the best option. If your skin is relatively black, then red, purple, black would make you look good. These conflict colors would assist you in becoming more sexy.
You may wear thongs, you are supposed to pay attention to the materials quality and you should change and wash it often. For ladies, you had better not wear thongs in the special period such as Menses and oviposit period. For men, wearing thongs for a long time will be bad for men’s health. As we all know, clean and dry are the two important elements for men’s health, but many thongs are made of chemical fiber which has poor air permeability and it will cause sterility inflammation. In addition, rub between thongs and tender part will lead to congestion and dilapidation.
As we mentioned above that the tongs should be washed often. Then do you know how to wash it properly? Firstly, do not use washing machine to wash thongs. Secondly, do not mix the thongs with other clothes when washing. If there are some dirty in the thongs, you may use washing powder or laundry soap to help remove it. Under this way, do remember to use more water to get rid of the chemical elements hidden in the cleaning powder or soap.  
Summer is forthcoming soon and are you going to hang around the sexy lingerie shops to get one thong for you or for your half?

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