Almost 40 years ago I was diagnosed with low Thyroid. It was not really a surprise as my mom had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease when she was 13 in 1952.

At that time the standard procedure I guess was to surgically remove the offender. I remember that ghastly scar that ran across the width of her neck. It was a constant sign of embarrassment for my mom. They eventually started her on the medication synthroid. That was the start of a terrible portion of her life. From one doctor to another. Eventually one even diagnosed her as “crazy” , took her off all medication and for 10 years I watched as she suffered daily. Eventually another “more informed” doctor put her back on the medication and even though she was better, I don’t think she ever really recovered.

I myself started on 75 ug. Eventually I have ended up on 250 ug, and my sister is a close second at 200 ug daily. The one thing I have found throughout the years is that I trust myself and my body when I need to go up or down.

I hope this site helps someone to find the information they need to live a productive life.