Do you have Symptoms of Thyroid problem ?

Thyroid symptoms afflict at least 10 million persons in the USA alone. Symptoms of thyroid problems often go undiagnosed, making it difficult to really know how many people are suffering from thyroid symptoms. Thyroid gland functions include the vital role of regulating the body’s rate of metabolism. Women are much more likely than men to have thyroid dysfunction — as many as 10-20% of women and 1-2% of men may have symptoms of thyroid problems. One type of thyroid dysfunction is the condition called hypothyroidism, also referred to as low thyroid or underactive thyroid. When thyroid function is too sluggish, one effect is that the body’s metabolism slows down more than it should. Much less common are thyroid symptoms caused by hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid. Indeed thyroid symptoms as so many and various sufferers can remain either undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed for many years. Without diagnoses their hormonal imbalance may go unrecognised and their chronic thyroid symptoms put down to other causes. This can have a devastating effect on a sufferers life. In extreme cases some of the symptoms of thyroid problems have even led to people being committed to mental health institutions, for they can truly feel and act as if they are going mad, or so depressed as to be suicidal. The beginning signs and symptoms of low thyroid levels can be so mild that they are hard to diagnosis. So many of the symptoms are so easy to think that something else is the cause, so you and/or your doctor may place the blame elsewhere. Misdiagnosing low thyroid levels can have a devastating affect on your whole well-being, because the longer the symptoms are overlooked the worse they will get over time.

Among the beginning low thyroid symptoms you will likely detect is that you’re not sleeping as restful at nighttime. Even though you are exhausted, you spend the nighttime tossing and moving around, you battle to go to sleep. Without adequate rest your body can not regenerate its self and you’ll awaken fatigued. This is a symptom that everyone encounters now and then, therefore it is easy to understand how a restless night of sleep can be looked across as a symptom of a underactive thyroid function. If you are like most people then from time to time you will become fatigued, or even exhausted, struggling for energy and motivation to do the things that you desire to do. Less commonly however, is when that fatigue just will not go away, when it is more usual for you to be tired and lethargic than not. It is then that you need to look for answers as it could be low thyroid symptoms that are causing this lack of energy and also other symptoms which can be related. in the same family as white breads, this is a food that can, for some people, contribute to difficulties with insulin resistance and hormonal problems. White flour is a refined and over-processed food and has very little, if any, nutritional value at all. You can now understand why thyroid disorder symptoms are so easily misdiagnosed. If you have more than one of these symptoms, it is so important that you have your thyroid checked by a simple blood test. You may be one of the millions of low thyroid suffers that is unaware of your condition. It is very important to start taking care of your thyroid immediately or your symptoms are sure to worsen.

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