Healing Thyroid Disorders Naturally

Rosanne Calabrese talks about her story of healing Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis through Dr Robert Morse’s Natural Treatment protocol. It’s very …


  • I don't get it. how was her path different from doing Gerson's approach or going to the Cousin's Living Tree, like she mentions at the end?

  • How did you get enough strength from just raw vegetables and fruits and no grains and no soya? What about vegetables cooked with coconut oil? Since you don't mention the names of these herbs are they assembled individually?

  • conventional medicine is barbaric!! Our bodies need natural remedies ONLY!!

  • You made my day, now I feel much better. Thank you for sharing this, God bless You!!

  • a lot of talking, but no any direct advice for people who have this particular problem.

  • I want to be free from levothyroxine medication.I am on a whole foods plant-based diet but wonder if I should go raw and what herbs help?

  • Was the medicine, by chance, LEVOTHYROXINE? Dr told me I had Hypothyroid and this med would shrink my numerous nodules on each side of thyroid. Also the headaches: I had never had headaches and all of a sudden I get them every day and they are on my left temple area and definitely a lot of congestion and mucus in the throat area

  • Nature is nature, what ever we achieve in the name of science and follow artificial life but our real life and its joy is hidden in nature because we ourselves are natural

  • I tried all the nutrition in the world (iodine, selenium, whole plant based diet) but the problem with synthroid is your body gets addicted to it. I was only able to wean myself off by taking NDT in it's place. Nevertheless I'll be on medication the rest of my life, but the non prescription NDT I take now at least prevents my hair from falling out and helps my energy. I blog about my health journey, and don't mind giving myself a plug here and hopefully help some others struggling with the hair-loss side effect of synthroid and looking for an alternative medication: http://erinboyea.blogspot.com/2016/05/hypothyroidism-and-ndt-best-natural.html

  • Whao I would like to no what herbs,I have exactly that problem for years.Dr want to radiate me (I don't)

  • what are the name of the herbs?

  • What where are you eating as a vegan before symptoms you describe showed up?

  • This was a great video! I'm very glad that I saw it. Thank you for making it! A doctor once told me that they don't really study food and nutrition in med. school. Why? Because everything they're taught comes from Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry), and their agenda is not to cure you. They are not looking out for your best interests.

  • Could you please share which herb dr morse prescribed to you. I have graces as well. I don't have a thyroid gland. I have been raw for 3 years. Please respond. I just had an a-fib attack and had to g to ER. They put me on blood pressure med and blood thinner. Help please!

  • What a great testimonial. Thanks so much for sharing and so glad you're doing better!

  • If only most people had the same attitude as you… the world would be completely different.
    I wonder how we got to a place where people became slaves to the doctors and the industry, and even with the abundance of information we got today, people refuse to second guess doctor's opinions and take at least some hours, or even minutes to be more educated about their own bodies. And not only that, people act with total intolerance to natural and truly healthy solutions. I don't preach or force own opinions of health on people, but when the health topic comes up in everyday conversations, when i slightly mention natural and organic approaches, people look at me like i'm totaly crazy.

    Congrats to you for the initiative, and choosing to taking control of your own health.


  • The only other consistently noted glandular change is in the thyroid. The work of several Soviet groups and one American team in the 1970s has clearly shown that radio and microwave frequencies, at power densi- ties well below the American safety guideline of 10,000 microwatts, stimulate the thyroid gland and thus increase the basal metabolic rate. ELF fields at 50 hertz, on the other hand, have depressed thyroid ac- tivity in several experiments on rats. It isn't yet known whether this is a direct effect on the thyroid or whether, like the stress response, it's at least partly caused by alterations in brain function.

    One more link in the bioclock-interference-and-stress response has come from 1980 work at the Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Working with rats, researchers there found that a weak 60-hertz electric field (only 3-9 volts per centimeter) canceled the normal nightly rise in production of the pineal gland hormone melatonin, the main hormonal mediator of biocycles.

    The Body Electric, p. 289, by Dr. Robert O. Becker

  • I LOVE Dr. Gerson and Dr. Charlotte Gerson! I have been in the medical field for over 15 years. I cringe when I see patients embrace pharmaceutical drugs with such hope, suppressing the symptoms of a far greater underlying issue. I am glad to see this Dr. Has set up a program for the layman. I cannot wait to check this site out! Thank you!

  • Great blog, nice content, good read and informative.

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