Hypothyroidism – A 7-step Plan to Boost Your Low Thyroid

Do you have low thyroid function. Are you sure. In this weeks UltraWellness podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman tells you which tests you need to get a correct diagnosis, …


  • I drink bottled spring water

  • one more step should be included and thats herbs for the adrenal glands, when the thyroid is not working well the adrenals are forced to pick up the slack which is what causes they symptoms, heal the both the thyroid and the adrenals, the pills i take for that are called adrenal sense

  • I've been working out for 6 months straight. I eat a ideal diet. I have learned to decrease my stress. I have not lost weight but I have gained weight and notice not a significant difference in my body. I just seem to get worst.

  • I have so many mercury fillings and have low thyroid function for too many years

  • I have had a low thyroid since I was a child. I now take 112mcg of Levothyroxin. I am working on losing 30lbs that I need to lose and know that this can help my thyroid and other organs, not to mention my knee joints.

  • Thank you.  I have read that fluoride in the water can disrupt thyroid function also

  • It would be nice to have a workbook/forum (google forms) so that I could treat this plan like health homework,(track it's efficacy to fruition)

  • Nancy I don't live in California in Massachusetts, I found out lithium I was put on in late5o's my med was decreased from 100 to .88 recently. I changed my way of eating in 2000 no meat no bread told no salt veg fruits water green tea. Recently changed to fruits vegetables nuts beans did before all organic . I found out the med given has aluminum in it, and dyes. I don't want to take it. I am a Senior now , walk daily exercise weights three times a week. Feel great. What if my Doctor won't give me Armor? How would I find someone that knows what to do. I have asked my Doctor to test for deficiencies,  he won't.

  • I'm a young, athletic 17 year old. WHY? Why do I have this crap?
    summery of video (your welcome)
    – Avoid gluten
    – Avoid highly processed goods
    – Try to go organic (chemical filled plants and animals)

    Get the right tests! Some doctors may wrongly diagnose you wrong because of…. Omega 3, Vitamin D, allergies (gluten), poor nutrition

  • What about taking Throid 12.5mg kelp, bladderwrack, and seamoss for thyroid issues? Can this help?

  • Dr. Mark i have low hashimoto's and now my knees are swollen from past two months. what best can I do to prevent swelling and pain??

  • Thanks for your hard work!

  • what about drinking beer, lots, for years?

  • Your link is not working.

  • Does anyone know if Nutri-Pak is as good as Armor?

  • Do you happen to know how caffeine affects thyroid function? 

  • Rice has gluten??? Google says it doesn't. Please I need to know I have brown rice for every meal

  • How does estrogen affect the thyroid? Are too high levels of estrogen a symptom of impaired liver function? Thank you :)!

  • I would love to see you write a book or guide outlining in detail, lab test protocols, treatment options, diet, and supplements for Thyroid disease. Also, the different causes. Like autoimmune. What the difference is when it's you're immune system that is wreaking havoc on your body. My daughter has been suffering from Hashimotos since she was 5 years old. I have done so much research over the years, but it wasn't until this year that I finally figured out the truth. In the beginning I had to figure out on my own that it was autoimmune. They didn't tell me that out right. I had so many theories about what was happening to her. I was right with all of them! In the months before her thyroid issues, her tonsils and adenoids became so inflamed that she was rushed into surgery within a few days of the discovery. She could barely breath through them. The Dr. said in all his years he had never seen anything like it. Just the look on his face I believed him. I kept asking "what caused this?". Why!! I got nothing from the doctors. It just happens they told me. Unexceptionable! Then within a month after surgery the thyroid stops functioning correctly. I asked over and over again, "Is this linked to the tonsils being inflamed?".I kept getting "nope". Well of coarse it is! Her immune system is attacking her body! I was diagnosed at 3 years old with rheumatoid arthritis. My entire body became engulfed in fever and my knees swelled three times their size. The pain was horrible. I had severe bouts of hives and was allergic to almost anything put on my skin. It all gradually stopped in my late teens. I suspect now I have thyroid issues as well based on my current symptoms. (I just did labs last week, awaiting results.) So I believe it's safe to say this is something I passed to my daughter. I feel getting to root of the why is the best way to fix the problem. As for my daughter, I'm angry that nothing was told to me by her doctors on how to care for a child with this disease and it took until she was 12 to put her on Levothroxine. Which has completely stopped working this past year. I was told over and over again none of her symptoms where related to her thyroid because her tests where "normal" now. Luckily we are currently seeing a functional medicine doctor who is putting her on new medication. The Armour. Thanks to information like yours and a fantastic group called Stop The Thyroid Madness, I now know how to care for not just treat my daughter. It's been a lonely journey but not anymore. Unfortunately I can't undo the last 10 years of suffering in my child's life. The emotional problems, weight gain, and brain function symptoms that affected her grades and social life are all things that haunt her everyday. We had to homeschool her to minimize the pain of trying to function in a normal school environment. People, teachers and other kids do not understand what is wrong with her and she gets terrible anxiety. She lost her childhood to this disease and no one was there for me as her mother to tell me what to do. She's fifteen now and a sad angry bitter person. I just hope we can finally start the healing process from the inside out. Thank you Dr. Hyman for all that you do! You are the reason I started to looking at my daughters disease in a new way and obtained a better understanding of how the body functions. Thank you! 

  • I think I have adreanal fatigue I feel like have the flu all day, and around 6 wake up and have more energy. I have terrible anxiety, and.panic attacks. Lots of stress most my life. But, my daughter has to have thyroid problems she eats paloe works out 2 hours a day loses not a.pound, and her doctor says she has no thyroid problems. Well there is a problem somewhere!

  • wow a holistic doctor found issues that my normal doctor brushed over and told me just go to WW when i have low iodine functions, high cortisol and also went vegan. 

  • I notice a true difference in the way I feel when I take Synthroid and when I get the generic medication. 
    Is there a difference in the two really, enough that it would not treat my hypothyroidism properly (generic)?
    I take 20 mg. of Synthroid or the generic daily.

  • what do i do if my doctor  took my thyroid out and I am on medicines (Nature Throid) how do I boost my thyroid function?

  • What about hyperthyroid?

  • Or find a doctor who know how to test for and adequately treat hypothyroidism.  Dr. Hyman's "low dose" is inadequate for many people.  It would be for me.  Dr. Odom in Menifee, CA (888-806-5660) was a life-saver for me.

  • This information has been a god send to me.  At last relief from this stress producing disorder.

  • Can we clone Dr. Mark Hyman about 1,000,000,000 times? 

  • Everything you mentioned is right on,  Very good informative video.  There are certain foods that are good for hypothyroidism and other foods for hyperthyroidism.  It would have been nice if you would have mention some of them.  Excellent Video.
    Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

  • I wish I found this in 2008, It is not 2014 and I have fired 4 docs to date and they refuse to listen to my symptoms and are very patronizing. I have Hashimoto's and I read that iodine shouldn't be use on people who have this? what is your take on it?  

  • Isn't Armur Thyroid risky since it is coming from cows and pigs?  Plus, we don't want to hurt animals!  

  • am delighted i found your site on google and then then found this.Have just been to my doctors and finally got a diagnosis and have low thyroid function. After suffering awful symptoms for over 10 years there may be a hope of a life back!

  • I love my doctor, but I really had to push her to test me properly so I could get thyroid medication. I was literally sleeping 12-15 hours a day, and running 3-5 miles three times a week, and I was gaining weight! Finally I got some thyroid medication, although I feel my dosage is still too low, and I feel MUCH better.

  • i am so glad I found your video please  answer the question I  have been on levothroxide for 10 yrs  what can I  do to get rid of  hypothyroid problem  can I take kelp  to help in a liquid form ?

  • Is there a doctor in the Toronto Canada area who can assist me with these tests re the health of my thyroid and determine my situation.  Thank you

  • hypothyroidismsolutions.blogspot.com

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.I am a practicing psychiatrist who, against conventional practices,get full thyroid panels on initial evaluation. IE TSH, FT4, & FT3. Too often I come across abnormalities of T3 and T4, with "normal" TSH levels, in pts w mood disorders. will add TAb, TPO, vit E (or did u say D?) & heavy metal screen to initial blood work.Also thanks for validating the practice of FULL thyroid w/u.U cant imagine how often I must justify this practice with insurance companies! Thanks

  • Can you talk about hashimoto's disease?

  • Thank you so very much indeed. Here in the UK we get little or no help with Hypothyroidism and Drs don't like us asking what our results are!! I'm now going to the UltraWellness web site for more help. Many thanks again.

  • Go to a Naturopathic Doctor. You have to pay but it's sooo worth it.

  • Go to a doctor that specializes in this you can look at BodyLogicMD. Or see an endocrinologist. Not just a regular doctor….keep getting it checked. I have Hypo as well as of recently found.

  • I have all the symptoms, but my doctor can't see me till 18 days from now. I made the appointment 2 weeks ago. :/ Anywho, I've been supplementing myself with all sorts of things, including nutrition, while I make it to the doctor appointment. Needless to say, I'm still feeling awful on most days.
    Do you think the supplements will interfere with the results of the blood work, by the time I get it done?

  • Great vids. I'm subscribing.

  • You are so right!!!! I wish I knew more about this stuff though when I was a teenager. My problem started then. I have fibroid tumors of the uterus…benign. They have been with me for a while. I am now 34.

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