My Hypothyroid Hashimotos Thyroiditis Symptoms

Updated symptoms video here: Reference video for any past/future videos I make regarding my hashimoto’s …


  • the test to diagnose hashimotos, is it a blood test ? my mind is blown… your symptoms, are exactly like me

  • I have all of these signs/symptoms. wow what a coincidence. but after going to 20 doctors over a span of a decade, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. ever heard of a connection hashimotos has to fibromyalgia ?

  • I have all of these signs/symptoms. wow what a coincidence. but after going to 20 doctors over a span of a decade, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. ever heard of a connection hashimotos has to fibromyalgia ?

  • I was 260lbs in 2000 young girl at 50 my primary Doctor from India wrote obese, diabetes never had, sent me to nutritionist. She said no more red meat no hamburger no cold cuts  8 glasses of water and 3 or 4 cups of green tea. ( she explained why) brown rice portion showed me. half plate with veg. My hair is thick always was. always had energy and slept well. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. med 100 no family history. In 11 months I was 145 lbs. My diabetes was gone in 2 month's  I now take .88 med. I eat totally vegan now been  only a month. I was 169lb now 163lb. I exercise lift weights 3 times a week, walk daily . I am 67 yrs. Old. I want to get off.

  • Great video sis….just recently been diagnosed,have all the symptoms you talk about,even the eyebrows,but I don't get insensitive to cold,in fact I love the cold because I can rug up and sleep all day.Its weird,but I thought my symptoms were due to my psyche medication,aching muscles,bad back,urinary tract infection,turns out that maybe I don't have schitzophrenia after,have cut out gluten,polyunsaturated seed oils,trying to go raw,doing yoga,bladderwrack and green juices,ashwaganda…have totally lost faith in the medical profession.The best part in your video was about how hard it is to loose weight,I can totally relate to that,thanks again.

  • Hi, I'm 12 and I have Hashimotos disease. I've lost a lot of weight. I've been under weight since I was 4 or 5. My hair falls out too!!! I get super cold and my nose and hands get so cold! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • i have hypothryoidism too. yes men can get it. i when its cold have difficulty breathing when its the cold part of year. i do take meds each morning 200Mgr

  • Hi, I have Hashi too, I share my story and tips on my channel, I hope you can find some helpful info ;)

  • Thanks for sharing, i suffer from hypothyroidism, the weight loss is tough. You are not alone.

  • I have Hashimotos also. Weight gain , hair loss, brittle nails , dry skin , sore joints . 

  • My doctor says I have hyperthyroid disease. But I have all the symptoms that you talked about. And she wants me to take medicine that could make me gain weight and lose my hair. I'm already losing enough hair and can't lose weight. I'm sensitive to cold. I have a hard time concentrating. My skin stays dry. I stay tired. I have asthma. I'm type 2 diabetic. I'm covered with arthritis. I just got diagnosed with osteoporosis.
    But she's not mentioned the auto immune disease. 

  • You saved my life. I just watched this video today. i have been struggling for the last 5 years with almost of the sames symptoms. Maybe now  i can find some help. Thank you!!!

  • People crave carbs because they are potassium deficient. try upping that big time. And selenium.

  • Oh my gosh…. Everything makes more sense, I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroidism and I'm only 14. All of your symptoms were things I have always had that I thought no one else had. My friends alway tease me about my shedding hair and cold fingers. They say that I'm the "Ice Queen."

  • I am just finding out about this. Diagnosed as bipolar when I was 18 and it just recently flared up almost 20 years later. To think that this may have been my thyroid being slow and then kicking into high gear fighting the antibodies all this time is mindblowing. Thank you for sharing and helping to get the info out there. Heather

  • i have an underactive thyrood too. Do u worry about having children in the future due to the risks x

  • Can you do anything about this condition. I also believe i had it all my life too. I feel like you was telling my life story. But now i am 49 with no hair. What can i do. Im depressed.

  • I'm getting mine tested on friday because I have all these symptoms but I'm 19. I didn't realize you could get it so young. But after watching your video I have the same things you do! Even my eyebrows are the way you're talking about! Are you able to lose weight after you get treatment?

  • Thanks for uploading, neatly put together! :)

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have every single one of these symptoms too, and the fatigue is the worst. It's so nice to hear someone validate the feeling of being unable to go to work or school because you simply can't get out of bed. I've been called lazy, etc. multiple times because there are many days I sleep a full 24 hours. I hope you're feeling better now. 

  • great for practical learning

  • I have hyperthyroidism the opposite of you….

  • I diagnosed with hypothyroidism post RAI in 2013 I am 26 year

  • I share many of your symptoms too and I am beginning to wonder if I have Hashimoto's.  My family GP claim that my thyroid levels are fine, however, I recently read about a certain test called the Thyroid Antibody test that can determine whether or not someone has Hashimoto's or Grave's disease.  Have you ever heard of this test? 

    When you say you have ridges in your finger nails, are they longitudinal or horizontal ridges?   Anyway, mine are longitudinal and no matter what I do, eat better, exercise, take supplements, my nails do not improve and I wonder if its because my body isn't absorbing nutrients properly.  I do not suffer from chronic constipation, but, my stool is always soft even while being on 300 mg of twice daily iron supplements.  I read that habitual soft stool may be a sign of the body not absorbing nutrients properly.

    I have arthritis which can be quite painful at times but most of all, I have massive hair shedding which unfortunately comes with agonizing burning sensation of the scalp.  Do you ever experience burning scalp on top of losing your hair?   

  • I have many of those symptoms, other than the brittle nails. I do experience the lack of concentration and poor memory. The worst symptom I have is the fatigue. My doctor sent me in for blood tests 5 days ago, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results back. I really hope the test comes back positive so I can finally do something about this fatigue. Interestingly, I went to the doctors when I was 16 and they didn't put it together when my two biggest complaints were fatigue and feeling really cold all of the time. Maybe if I am Hypothyroid, it could have been treated long ago.

  • ILordSpawnI, you dont have Hypo you have Hyperthyroidism

  • Sooo true. Everything u mentioned is happening to me

  • also causes heart problems synthroid is a life saver .

  • I also have Hashimoto's disease and have had a lot of health issues, after going to the doctor constantly for 2 years he finally did some extensive blood testing (when i was 13, i was having issues since i was 11 as far as i can remember) and said he was shocked to find that my thyroid wasn't working and that i also had Pfeiffer. Then the following 3 years we were searching for the right dosage of medicine. But because my immune system is kind of fucked up i get sick really easily, this year i've had bronchitis, a heavy toenail infection which i got surgery for and also a pretty serious UTI. Then there's also the fact that i'm really big, i also have PMS and am tired all the time.. And i didn't manage to get a diploma because i missed so much school. Seriously, this disease ruined my life and i feel like i'm not getting the right support from doctors.
    I don't know about any treatments other than just getting Thyrax (medicine) but i feel like something NEEDS to be done to improve my quality of life, being 21 i feel extremely restricted because of my low energy level, high weight and bad immune system (which has been causing seriously dangerous infections).

  • humm, just came back from a doctors appointment due to having a bronchitis.. when he saw me he started asquing questions, and told me I need to do some bloodwork .. he said he saw my neck was kind baggy… and I have overweight, he asked me about my period and losing weight, feeling tired and such… 
    i told him I take seroquel, and he said if I do have a tyroid condition the medication will worsen it… so… 

    we will see.

  • My Tpo is 132 I get hypo and hyper thyroidism they say I have Hashimoto and graves I have a list of symptoms but docs haven't done anything. I don't even know if I have Hashi or graves. but my antibodies tpo is pretty high. But I don't know what to do have many symptoms 

  • Hi i just want to share my own experience here.I'm 27 years old.I had also hypothyroidism (my antibodies also high-Auto immune type)and took medicine for 1 year.I had searched about everything on hypothyroidism on internet,watched several interviews by endocrinologists and got some some useful tips ,lifestyle changes now has been cleared.

    I tried early morning papaya juice+(2 pinches of turmeric,1 teaspoon of lime juice,1 piece of ginger also) for 3 months
    1 glass of warm water plus 3 teaspoons of lime juice for the next 3 months
    Daily or twice in a  week exposure to sun atleast 10 mins
    Exercise for 15 mins
    Keep a positive attitude towards life
    Avoid sugar,white flour,chocolates,colas,fast food 
     Include fruits,prepare homely food(eat moderately)
    Quail eggs 3 per day(for vitamins,selenium)  ,1 raw clove of raw garlic
    Use coconut oil for cooking,Drink 1 or 2 teaspoons of coconut oil
    Do any neck exercise

    2 months back my thyroid profile was completely normal, so i stopped medication completely.I lose weight around 20 kg.Stress level decresed. Thanks

  • I can relate to every thing you said, especially the weight issue with dropping.That's the only time I was skinny too is when I ate once a day.I worked out and ate great and did a great deal of exercise daily and weight just kept packing on me. I also have extreme fatigue and depression/anxiety from it and it keeps me from hold steady work as well. Also you didn't mention it but there's also an correlation with Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's and PCOs. <3

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