The connection between Hypothyroidism, weight gain and feeling tired all the time.

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  • +FSC Jasper Understanding the Truth About Hypothyroidism
    Do you really believe that the only consequence of hypothyroidism is a lack of energy? Think again! It’s important to understand the dark side of hypothyroidism that few people talk about and the more serious consequences involved.


  • my mom had her thyroid removed 3 years ago. since then she gain over 40 lbs, had memory lost, always agitated, loss of appetite…I think she's becoming bipolar…could this just be the levothyroxine she is taking?

  • So I could have had this for years and that stupid nurse in the ER that made me wait 5 hours to tell me nothing's wrong with me WAS WRONG? GAAAAAAH

  • She should get a blood test, however, the analysis of lab results makes all the difference in a proper diagnosis. Traditionally, in the the practice of Western medicine, lab results are analyzed in comparison to a broad range of averages, defined as "normal." However, there is normal and their is functional. Functional is a much more narrow range and it is what the physicians of BLMD and, functional medicine physicians, in general, look for.

  • Why wouldn't she just get a blood test then?

  • Hi Farheen, thanks for sharing. Hypothyroidism can cause all the symptoms you are experiencing. If you are seeking effective therapies for this condition, you can contact a physician of the BodyLogicMD network, who often works with patients suffering from thyroid disorders. See the link for additional info listed under the video description.

  • m suffering from hypo..n the worse thing m facing is gaining weight,, what can i do to get rid of this,,, every month m gaining almost 1-1.5kgs,, n i have my marriage ahead,,, wat can i do,,, n since i was 10 i had my periods n till date its not regular,,, always irregular pds,, 🙁 moreover m always tired n having body pain,,, wat can i do,, suggest me something which is really effective with in 3-4 months,,, coz i hv ma marriage ahead…

  • Hi Eric, thanks for your comments. There are a number of conditions that can affect your weight. You may have combination of conditions, not necessarily hypo- and hyper- thyroidism that are causing your symptoms. It would be best to discuss these issues with a doctor. To find a BodyLogicMD physician near you, visit the URL in the video description.

  • Someone help me! Today my doctor said i have hypo but I'm very thin so I think I have hyper.. I got syndromes mix fr hypo and hyper.. Is it possible to have hypo and be thin ?

  • I had this since i was 6 years old i still have it

  • @nineteendesu OMG! I have the exact same thing you do and I'm 17!

  • Thank you for your comment. You are correct, hypothyroidism can cause all the symptoms you are experiencing. If you are seeking additional therapies for this condition, you can contact a physician of the BodyLogicMD network, who often work with patients suffering from thyroid disorders. See the link for additional info listed under the video description.

  • i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism just today. I am 16, and these past years I have been so tired and sluggish and always having eye bags. I have been a little suicidal and greatly depressed and thought i was just going through a darkness of growing up. I also have iron and vitamin d deficiency. never thought the reason why i always moved around slow was because of this

  • also 2 cups of water first thing in the morning, drnk them in 30 min, no rush. makes your organs get into action after a dehydrating night sleep. A fruit and a glass of water 30 min before each meal helps u loose weight and eliminate constipation. 1 fruit before sleep, 1 fruit after the 2 glasses of water in the morning and so on …

  • exactly , and bring minerals into your diet, magnesium is very important for producing energy ,(ATP ) and only few ppl got it in their foods . green veggies, raw cacao (cacao beans or cacao liquor) Barley powder with very ripped banana, make a drink in a blender, some honey to make it more sweet if u want – u got tons of vit, minerals and liquid food makes you loose weight, like 1 pound a day in the first week (lots of water, lemon, fruits and salads, carrots cabbage, avocados, etc) cheers !

  • Thanks for your comment. "Brain fog" or trouble with memory and concentration are signs of hormone imbalance. Hypothyroidism is just one possibility. See the links in the video description above to learn more about hormone imbalance or schedule a consultation with a physician near you.

  • Does it make you forgetful? Ifeel like my hormones are out of wack

  • Read this, people:

  • Personally i have gained about 15 or even more kgs, in 1,5years… But in my case i think it's because of bad diet, and drinking soda + beer… So now i'm trying to reduce eating of pizza,hamburgers,drink beer only once a week or such… And also all kind of exercise is good, so i'll try to remember that too. And maybe you should do the same.
    Don't know what is wrong with my tiredness, but it could be that my sleeping time is always bit different.


  • i had a blood test last week actually. my baseline is 20micrograms, when someone my height/weight/age/sex is supposed to be around 100micrograms. with synthroid im around 90mcg.
    i still have low thyroid, i just stopped feeling like shit, being tired, cold, all the things you listed, etc. after i got in shape and ate correctly.

  • i have this "disease" and still managed to lose weight with just diet/exercise. magically my "disease" was cure once i stopped being a fatass

  • I have hypothyroidism and I hate it so much. At times I feel like just not doing anything and not eating. I hate taking my Synthroid pills because it makes me feel like I am weak unlike other people. I have severe depression and my thyroid problem makes it much worse. I am glad to see that this woman got a lot of help. I wish I could stop having blood tests.

  • Hi.
    I am guessing that you meant 0.03 and 24.78. Well, that means that you're hyPER (overactive). You said that you feel tired and depressed, but were there any point in your life that you was hyperactive?

  • 1.82 is considered normal. I heard that TSH level changes from time to time, so one test is not enough. In fact, my physician's assistant had my TSH tested 3 times in total. So you might need to get tested again and should probably get tested for thyroid antibodies as well, as I hear that thyroid antibodies test is probably the most important test you can do.

  • Read Stop the Thyroid Madness book or go to the website of the same name, im in the middle of reading it now and its shocking how many people say the exact same thing as you and it has s.t to do with the wrong way with how most doctors have been taught to treat it( only T4 when in fact its better to take both t3 and t4 as well as t1 and t2 which you can only get from dessicated thyroid).Check it out,there's so many out there like you!

  • I have hypothyroidism and I hate it. I take meds to help it but I am always tired. I have gotten less sluggish, but I was born with it, so I have to learn to manage. And the symptoms do add up, when it's summer I am freezing, I can't lose the weighted I gained from low metabolism, and I always feel tired but less with the meds I take :

  • i was just diagnosed (same age as this woman)…. exactly the same symptoms, barely have the energy to type this even, despite sleeping most of the last 2 days…. would love some energy

  • Stock up on thyroxine girl !

  • You'ren right. At least that this disorder is already diagnosed. You know, not that rare. 🙂

  • Yeah… it definitely is. At least it's also good to know that were not alone on this one and that many others also suffer from the same problem. It is not very common that someone is able to reproduce to full maturity without having the Thyroid Gland. I consider myself very lucky in the fact that I was able to reach maturity without any problems so far.

  • PS I'm also very thin, not fat.

  • Me too. I have no thyroid gland and I'm only 13, and it's not that bad. My period is also suppressed for 2 years. I'm really short. It's good to know that I'm not different. 🙂

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at birth if I remember correctly… Actually never mind, I was born without a thyroid gland…. yep that's right… I was born without one. The doctors thought that I was going to have many health problems in the long run and it turns out even to this day I have not had a single problem at all, I'm not kidding you, I'm fully grown and healthy so far. The downside to this is that I'm gonna have to be taking Levothyroxin everyday for the rest of my life.

  • not at all! most patients suffer from the fat they naturally gain for not getting the proper medicine (or taking it but it doesn't affect their body). some of them are very thin, it's no indication for them of being healthy if they have hypothyroidism, it just means that their weight isn't part of the things affected by their thyroid situation. you won't be fat but you will feel better and be healthy. I'm 22 and fat and my friend is 24 and ultra-skinny and we both have it…

  • not odd at all. when I was medicated I've lost more than 35lbs and actually began to ate properly, because I've been always chubby even though I wasn't eating anything. glad to know you're healthy now, keep it up! your body finally gets what he needs in order to function 🙂

  • I'm now taking synthroid for 6 months but nothing changes. I need help! if you know how to help me and others in my situation you're more than welcome to comment me back or PM me, I'll be owing my life to you, literally.
    live every day like it's the last day of your lives, and please take care of your health as much as you can (as long as it's up to you)! best regards!

  • I began to feel worse every day until I found myself in the current condition, which is bad. my current weight is 157lbs (when I was healthy it was 112lbs!) and I'm 4-6 sizes bigger, which makes me sad and depressed much more than I already am because of my dysfunctional body. over 250.000 patients reacted badly in a certain level to the reformulation of the Eltroxine, which we knew nothing about since the health ministry here hid it from us. my life's a total B! last part^

  • anyways, at the age of 16 my weight was 63-67 kg (approximately 140 lbs) although I've never been lazy and/or eating greasy stuff and candy. I'm only 1.63m (5'3) so the weight shows and I find it hard to move my body with lots of extra weight. I lost about 15kg and about 2 years ago I started to gain all the weight again. I've become very tired and weak and my studies at the university stopped all of a sudden.the endocrinolog (thyroid-treatment dr) laughed stating I still look good. please read^

  • I live in Israel and I'm 22. I was diagnosed as suffering from rigid hypothyroidism when I was 17 and since then I became healthy thanks to 100mcg of Eltroxine a day (the medicine that replaces the T4 which is the hormone my body lack of, because of the hypothyroid situation. it is the most important hormone that's in control of the entire body system). when I was little my height "growth" stopped but nobody thought it had something much bigger behind it. please read my the second part! ^

  • I'm 16 and got diagnosed with hypothyroidism because of a number of symptoms. I also attempted suicide and had to stay in a mental hospital for 3 days. 🙁

  • @Sereena111 Like how many times would one need to take a basic thyroid test before they are finally diagnosed?
    I have take the test twice.
    1st time: 4.3 TSH and 8.3 T4
    2nd time: 1.6 TSH, 9.1 T4 and 1 total T3

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